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Trade & Investment Wing

Trade and Investment Wing of the Mission strives to facilitate and promote bilateral trade and investment relations between Pakistan and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


To increase the foreign exchange earnings of Pakistan through promoting and facilitating the trade from Pakistan to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and to attract Inward Foreign Direct Investment to Pakistan.


To Increase trade volume in goods and services from Pakistan to Arab Region and to safeguard business/investment interests of Pakistan in KSA.


The Trade Mission is charged with the responsibility to co-ordinate all external trade related matters for the Government and is also the focal point for the country’s trade relations with the Saudi Arabia. Some of the major responsibilities are:

  • Seek out and create opportunities for Pakistan’s exportable goods and services and to ensure that concerned parties in Pakistan are quickly informed of the opportunities identified
  • Assist Pakistani exporters to exploit fully these opportunities through the provision of advice and support to initiatives
  • To contribute, through a systematic reporting programmed, to the evolution of Pakistan’s trade policy and export strategy.


TabSub Headings/Data

Gift Scheme, Details and Form to be placed.

Transfer of Residence Certificate, details to be Placed regarding the Scheme and benefits

Export Statistics

Exports of Pakistan to KSA


Top Products

Imports of Pakistan from Saudi Arabia https://www.stats.gov.sa/en/325

Annual Business Planhttps://tdap.gov.pk/news/tdap-annual-business-plan-2021-22/
Exporters Data

Exporters of Pakistan to be made available to all business audiences in KSA

To be Taken from https://pakistanexportersdirectory.gov.pk/


Product Reports like Rice, Meat, Mangoes, Fisheries Products to be placed.


Investment Opportunities

BOI brochures and Contact Details of Liaison Officers in BOI

Details about SEZs and benefits

PSDP+ Policy

TPRI License – Safari Service Details to attract Investors

Board of Investment’s Projects for Investment


Important Trade Associations/Important Chambers



iii.            https://tdro.gov.pk/

iv.            http://www.mnfsr.gov.pk/

v.            https://smeda.org/

vi.            https://www.pbs.gov.pk/

vii.            https://www.sbp.org.pk/

viii.            https://www.pha.gop.pk/

ix.            https://www.kcci.com.pk/

x.            https://www.lcci.com.pk/

xi.            https://rcci.org.pk/

xii.            https://scci.com.pk/

xiii.            https://icci.com.pk/

xiv.            https://reap.com.pk/

xv.            http://www.apmepa.com/

xvi.            http://www.pfva.net/


AppointmentsA form be devised and placed for appointments for meetings and documents verification/attestation/information.

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Pakistan has enjoyed warm relations with Saudi Arabia since the birth of the country in 1947.

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7:00AM - 12:00AM

Building Number 8224,
Diplomatic Quarters,
Riyadh 11693,
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Other Telephone Numbers:

Building Number 19,
N17 E7 Sector, Mushrefah,
Jeddah 23332,
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

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